Tile, Decos, and Stone
We make custom cabinet pulls  from your counter material, backsplash, or any interesting material, These, and custom decos tie the project together. These
are some made from tumbled stone, granite, agate, geode and glass.
Custom Starburst Table, Oak veneer and tile.
Slate bath floor
Glass tile kitchen backslplash
Random tile pattern
Glass Lady Bugs, for the fun of it.
Tumbled Stone ( to match backsplash )
Granite ( to match counter )
Tumbled Stone ( to match backsplash )
Tumbled Stone ( to match backsplash )
Tumbled Stone with glass
Tumbled Stone ( to match backsplash )
Tumbled Stone ( to match backsplash )
We can make a pull out of just about anything.
Ocean tumbled stone with copper wrapping
Working with stone is an art. Notice how we organize the stone to create a flow of form. This graceful touch is what sets us apart from all the others.
We created this tumbled stone path from the Jacuzzi, to the door leading to the pool. The floor is granite and can be slippery when wet, The tumbled stone made a safety precaution an artistic treasure.
We build decorative inset tiles from glass, stone or tile. Whether we use mosaics or fabricate the decos from slab material, the net result ties the tile pattern to the existing stone or tile.
The sink cutout and scraps from fabrication of the above granite  was used to make the decos to the right and below. We do this as a regular part of our kitchen or bath tile projects.